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New Online Customer

If you are already a trade customer or a potential trade customer of Marigold please contact us by phone on 020 7388 4515 or by email sales@marigoldhealth.co.uk to obtain a login account for this site. You will be given a user id and password.

Finding Items

There are three ways that you can find the item that you are looking for:
a) browse the catalogue (browse the catalogue here)
b) search for it using the search function (search for items here)
c) click on Favourites. You can add any item to your favourites by the ‘Add to Favourites’ button that is available on the detail page of an item.

Adding Items to Your Basket

There are five ways you can add items to your basket.

Via the Catalogue: You can put items in the basket by browsing the catalogue for the items that you are interested in. Click on the 'Add to Basket' link when you have found the item you want. This will automatically add ONE CASE of this item to your basket. To order more or less than one, go to the Basket page and enter the Trays/Singles you require for each item. By clicking on the UPDATE tab at the bottom of the page, you can see the price adjustment.

If you order any items which are sold BY WEIGHT, the initial price shown will be the price for 1 kilo . Therefore, for example, a block of cheese weighing c2.5 kilos will be charged on your final invoice at about 2.5 times the value quoted at the Basket.

Asterisks * preceding item descriptions denote cases which are unsplittable due to the fragility of the packaging.

Via the Quick Entry on the Basket page: At the bottom of the Basket page you can add products just by entering the Item Code and the quantity required. IF YOU KNOW THE ITEM CODES FOR THE GOODS YOU WISH TO PURCHASE, THIS IS THE QUICKEST WAY TO UPDATE YOUR BASKET.

Via Favourites: Against each item is an 'Add to Basket'.

Via Purchase History: Against each item is an 'Add to Basket'.

Via Re-Order: From the Account menu you may access a history of previous orders. It is possible to review historic orders. Clicking 'Re-order' adds the previously ordered items to your basket.


Proceed to Checkout

When you have completed and checked your basket, click on ‘Purchase’ to place the order in the shop.

Enter a Shipping Address

When creating an order you are given the option to specify a different address for shipping. Fill out this information to get the goods (items) shipped to the address you specify. This is the first step in the purchase/checkout.

Select a Shipping/Handling Method

You can choose either to collect the goods from our warehouse, or to have us deliver them to you.  Delivery is free, but those orders with a value of less than £150 (net of VAT) will carry a surcharge of £5.  We do not accept orders below the value of £100.

Select a Method of Payment

After entering the shipping information you will be presented with an option to choose a payment method. The payment methods supported by us are your normal payment terms or credit card. If you choose to pay by credit card we will call you back to take your credit card details once the goods have been picked and are ready to be delivered. We do not take payments online.

Review and Submit Your Order

You can see details on shipping and handling costs and you can make sure that everything is as you have requested. If you proceed, then you have agreed to the order details. You will receive an email upon order completion.

Your Account

Track Orders

You can view the orders that you have placed in the shop.

Personal Information

We handle all information that you enter as confidential information. We never sell or give out any data that you provide. Information that you enter is only used by us to identify you as a user of our shop and for making your experience in the shop better.


Our shop uses GBP as the internal currency.

Change Password

If you want to change your password you can do so. It is recommended that you change your password once in a while. Remember to make your password less than obvious. Avoid using your login also as a password.  You can change your password here.


You can view your current statement of account with us. Please note that it may take a few days for recent payments to appear on the statement.

Purchase History

Your entire last 3 months of purchases are recorded here with the quantities bought. You can easily add any of these items to your current basket by clicking ‘Add to Basket’.

Forgotten password

If you have forgotten your password we have a service that creates a new password for you and sends it, together with your user account information, to the email address which you have specified. Click here to get a new password.



Products are delivered in our own refrigerated vehicles within a 60 mile radius of our Kings Cross warehouse.. We have set delivery schedules for particular areas. When you contact us we will tell you our best day for the delivery.  We would need your order by noon the previous day.

Shipping address

You have the possibility to enter a shipping address which is different from the billing address. The bill is sent to you and the order, including a delivery note, will be sent to the shipping address.


Credit Claims must be submitted to Marigold within two days of delivery or by close of business Monday for Friday deliveries.

Claims can be submitted by phone, by fax or by email to creditclaims@marigoldhealth.co.uk

Please always supply the appropriate invoice number and product codes. Please state the reason for return and whether the item(s) need to be collected.

Goods which are found to be defective after the two day deadline but are still within their sell by date will continue to be eligible for credit, as has always been the case.

Claims submitted outside the above parameters will be considered but may well be refused especially if they refer to chilled products. Please remove any price labels before returning goods, if goods are found to be unsaleable because of customers’ price labels the credit will not be issued.

Privacy & Security

What do we Guarantee?

All the information that you give us will be handled strictly confidentially.  You can always contact us by post, email or phone.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Personal Information

We register your name, address and order(s) in our financial system. This information is not given to third parties but they are stored for 5 years for financial reasons. Please see further details in the section on your user account.


Payments are made on collection or against account invoices sent to you in the normal way.


The shop uses cookies to ensure your security when sending information to the shop. Cookies are used to give you unique experiences in the shop as the cookie remember who you are while being logged in. When you log out, the cookie will be deleted.

Company Details

Marigold Health Foods

Marigold Health Foods
102 Camley Street

Tel: 020 7388 4515
Fax: 020 7388 4516

Online Shop: www.mhfshop.com
Email: sales@marigoldhealth.co.uk

Registered London: 1300295
VAT Registration: GB231 5878 57